Thursday, January 31, 2008

St. Terry of Assisi

Ah, Terry is tired tonight. I am on a committee that reviews animal research that's done at one of the teaching hospitals. I am tired because tonight I read all 17 new research proposals we'll be discussing at next week's meeting. It's mostly mice and rats that are involved, but they have to have adequate anesthesia and analgesia too.
I just got home and it's late and I'm tired and Euripides wants to play and his claws need trimming so when he paws at me to be picked up, he really scratches. And then I bark at him.
I gave most of my energy tonight to little mice and rats, and now I am barking at my cat. Not so saintly...

Oh, the picture. It's the neon sign for a pet supply store in my neighbourhood. I also shoot clever neon signs. Remind me to tell you someday the hilarious story about how I looked all over San Francisco for a neon penny loafer.

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