Saturday, October 11, 2008

Merry Madmen of Montreal

What can I possibly add to these pictures? Except to say that they all appear on one building, under windowsills, so they're quite low and easy to shoot... which I did, on my way back to the hotel on the last day of the CWAHI meeting.


  1. I know people who look like at least two of these. Seriously!

    Some people just have medieval looking faces. There's so much life and mischief in these faces - it's a pleasure to see them altogether like this.

  2. Thanks, pcb. Did you ever see the single-panel cartoon "Herman"? If was populated by large, lumpen people. I saw two of them on a bus once.

  3. I like these very much. Do you know if they are carved from stone or made from clay and fired?

  4. I suspect they're terra cotta. I don't think they'd be clay or they wouldn't have lasted this long. And when I say "this long," I'm only guessing that this building has been up for at least 90 years. I'll see what I can find out about the faces (and the building) and get back to you.

    To the general readership: Expressive as these faces are, they're nothing compared to Harry's sculpted ornaments and carved wooden walking sticks. See I will add "Harry's Folly" to my links once I'm out from under a pile of work.