Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What is this man doing?

If there were no words, would this sign say "Hazardous bridge ahead" to you?
Or would it say "Watch the road when you ride your bike"?
I shot this while on a tram tour of Saguaro National Park outside Tucson in 2003. When I picked up the processed film (yes, it was in the olden, film days), the woman who had done the work pulled this picture out of the pack and said, "It looks like he's peeing!"
The picture could have been used to illustrate this story from Bloomington, Minn., last April about a man who was trying to pee off a bridge but fell to marshy area below. The awkward headline was "Man Falls Urinating Off Highway 77 Bridge."

1 comment:

  1. As for the urinating man - he's a Darwin Award nominee.

    To me, without text, the sign says "Watch for poorly timed bike tire explosions as you ride by the edge of a cliff that will no doubt cause you to fall onto a pile of cannonballs."

    Though I suppose their version is more succinct.