Friday, November 16, 2007

Deeds speak, the saga continues

This is just a quick, pictureless update on the 60 Richmond Street East building. The County of York coat of arms has already been taken down and I'll be notified when the sculpture of the woman is removed so I can photograph her descent and - I hope - her standing next to a man of normal height, just to show off the sculpture's 7.5-foot height.
I'm getting information about how these pieces are going to be reused, and also the fate of the heritage plaque that was mounted on the Berti Street side of the building. There's been too much going on in my other life (my day job) to post much here, but I will gather all that information and update, with pictures, on the weekend.
Again, please stand by.


  1. Amanda Plouffe-TarteFriday, 16 November, 2007

    These sculptures are like your children, aren't they?

  2. And what's wrong with that? she asked, defensively.

  3. Amanda Plouffe-TarteTuesday, 20 November, 2007

    Nothing at all. Don't be so defensive!