Thursday, November 29, 2007

Straighten up, Toronto!

There are a lot of differences between Toronto and Montreal. Bagels, for one. Toronto bagels: not so hot. Montreal bagels: The best.
Oh, yeah, and language for another. Toronto: English. Montreal: French. Unlike the bagels, neither language is better than the other.
Now I've discovered another difference - and a shocking one - between Canada's two major cities: children's posture.

These are Montreal children walking to school. Their posture is so impeccable, they could carry their books on their heads (if their heads were flat, which they clearly aren't). Their stride suggests a sense of purpose. Possibly even joy.

What of the youths of Toronto? Apart from the surrounding city looking an unhealthy yellow, these children are slouching, shuffling, dispirited.
Hold your heads high, youth of Toronto. Straighten up! Put a spring in your step! (It's not officially winter yet anyway.)

Okay, I'll post architecture stuff next time.


  1. Terry, you failed to point out that the children of both fine cities have no hands or feet. (Or fingers or toes.) Or necks.

  2. Not to mention the unfortunate leg displacement issue the boy in Montreal is faced with. Yet still, he walks tall.

  3. Hey Amber! Wow, not just cardiology and respiratory, but orthopedics as well! You are multi-, multi-talented!

  4. It should also be noted that gender equality is alive and well n Montreal, where girls' and boys' heads are the same size and the two genders are the same height.

    In Toronto, alas, girls have smaller heads than boys and they are shorter than boys - a clear indication of their inferiority.